Maryline Jean-François

She possesses strong expertise in customer service, operations, risk management, and compliance related to Visa and MasterCard systems.

Experience & Activities

Maryline Jean-François emerges as a seasoned professional, enriching any team with her extensive knowledge base and versatile skill set. Armed with a solid foundation in Economics, she embarked on a remarkable 18-year journey within the banking sector, where she cultivated invaluable expertise across multifaceted domains. Her adeptness in customer service, operations, risk management, and compliance shines through, particularly within the intricate frameworks of Visa and MasterCard. Maryline's proficiency extends beyond operational realms, as she seamlessly navigates the intricacies of administration, finance, and human resources management with finesse and acumen.

Beyond her impressive qualifications, Maryline is celebrated for her considerate demeanour and unwavering motivation, characteristics that underscore her resourcefulness and unwavering commitment to achieving results.

Her journey is marked by a fervent dedication to professional growth, as she continually seeks new challenges and opportunities for advancement, embodying a steadfast commitment to excellence in every endeavour she undertakes.